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How to use CrestGPT?

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1 How to use CrestGPT?

Use our ready-made prompt templates or start from scratch. Example prompt: "Explore the impact of AI on modern businesses, emphasizing its role in enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes. Consider real-world examples and potential future developments. Maintain a conversational and informative tone suitable for a business-focused audience. Aim for a balanced view that covers both the opportunities and challenges AI presents for organizations."

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2 AI does the magic!

Sit back and watch AI do the writing. CrestGPT emphasizes on creating engaging, and helpful content. The tool tries to take care of SEO; keywords, headlines, keyword density, long-form content etc. Where necessary it will insert tables, placeholder images, add captions, listicles, checklists, linking, disclaimers etc.In a few seconds, your first draft of article or blog is ready.

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3 Welcome to our rich-text editor!

Tired of copying and pasting your content elsewhere to edit? Well, we've solved that problem. Now you can edit all your AI-generated content within CrestGPT. Our rich-text editor allows you to do things like apply bold, headings, code, italic, bullets and more.

4 The future is CrestGPT

Currently CrestGPT can help you in doing all your writing. Generate blog posts and articles. Get ideas on what to write next. CrestGPT is growing faster than before and more features are being added on a daily basis. Take this chance and get an underpriced subscription and future pricing won't affect you!

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Marketing Manager

I can't emphasize enough how CrestGPT has revolutionized my content creation process. It's a game-changer. Since I started using CrestGPT, I've witnessed a remarkable improvement in customer engagement and conversion rates. It's an invaluable tool that I can't imagine working without.

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Social Media Consultant

When it comes to creating captivating social media content, CrestGPT is my go-to tool. It's simply remarkable! The specialized features and intelligent suggestions offered by CrestGPT make it a breeze to generate posts that truly resonate with my audience. With CrestGPT, I can maintain a consistent and compelling brand presence across various social platforms. It has truly transformed my approach to social media marketing.

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Freelance Writer

CrestGPT has taken my freelance writing career to new heights! Overcoming writer's block is a breeze with creative suggestions. I can now consistently deliver high-quality content and meet tight deadlines without compromising on excellence. It's the perfect writing companion that has exceeded all my expectations.